Invoice Sale

Invoice - ring out sales, document customer information and print beautiful invoices.

Carrier Activation

Activation - sell plans, add-ons and spiffs. Track IMEI and SIM Cars numbers to monitor commissions.

Device Repair

Repairs - Invoice parts and labor. Save device passwords, view pending, completed and cancelled repairs.


Layaway - Create custom plans, Monitor Pending Inventory, track open layaway, closed and cancelled layaway's.


Quick sale - point of sale solution for transactions allows for quick invoice process.

Payments & Links

Links - allows for integration with payment portals, websites, and more.


Customers - Advanced CRM organized customer information and transactions for obtumim productivity.

Cash Dawer

Drawer - Cash control feature monitors balance of cash, credit, and finance for daily transactions.

Customer Quote

Quote - Offer customers itemized quotes, view quote history and set follow up calls.