Store module allows you to control settings for your company locations. Add IP restrictions, drawer settings, return policys, and much more. Control your operations better from anywhere at any time!

Staff module allows you to create unlimited employee username and passwords, set monthly goals for individual staff members, add manager or sales representative role, and set salary or hourly rates.

Make schedules for the week fast & easy and when your done dBar POS emails it to your staff their schedule. Schedules are always available in the staff portal so they can view it at anytime.

Staff get prompt to clock-in as soon as they login and when they close the drawer. Be on top of tardiness and overtime, edit clock-ins or outs & add new clock-times, print reports.

Post promotions from carriers and phones with start and end dates so your staff is up to date and minimize mistakes. Add training videos from Activation Domination sales training so your staff can improve their sales skills.

Check status of transfers by location and user, see who approved it, and who received it easy and fast. Never let a phone go missing with end to end phone tracking.

Add carriers with their individual plans, add-ons, set commissions for activation. Spiffs can be selected for upgrades, activations, port-ins with different discounts for each scenario. We offer full assistance with Mobile Dealers, we set commissions based on tiers, and spiffs for phones.

Its easy to tack airtime margin and include fees for independent carriers. Get accurate data on your profit, E911 tax and MTS surcharge. Invoice payments to cross reference what you are being charged from your payment platforms and minimize loss by having full control and awareness.

Phones are easy to track, add, modify. Set maximum inventory levels & see how simple it is to order the cell phones you need. Tracking your phone by serial number is essential in the wireless business, dBar POS makes it simple.

Accessories are easy to order, track by SKU to know your real margin on product that makes heights profit. We believe accessories can be your biggest asset, therefore we have pre loaded SKU inventory from Valor a high quality highly profitable product. They are a prestige manufactures in the wholesale wireless accessories business sector.

The retail mobile store space service is a profitable stream of income, give goals and compare staff and locations performance to increase revenue setting expectancy. Being on top of your profit is key in the highly competitive business like the retail mobile store space.

Keep your inventory healthy & losses at a minimum with our audit module. Verify to never get blind sided by inventory leaks from your locations by having a simple way to audit your locations with a barcode scanner.

Automatic product expenses makes it effortless to track and manage. Set recurring monthly expenses and always start your month waiting to profability. Make sure you general expenses, and payroll expenses are easily tracked.

Manage your day to day cash sales and balance merchant batches to reconcile your back deposits. Take advantage of our payment chock feature and match the airtime for the day with your invoice. Receive an email when you close the drawer and see a detail report of all transaction activity.

Payment tracker allows you to import sheets from ePay / Webpos to reconcile payments by phone number and amount including fees. Margin on airtime payments is getting slimmer and lower in volume, one payment can take all your profit for the day.

Import commissions from reports available from your carriers to verify that your being payed every penny that you deserve. dBar POS will help you catch unpaid commissions in minutes so you can dispute them immediately. Track the discounts you give to costumers on phones from Carrier promotions "Spiffs" on Upgrades and Activations and verify payment.

Additional Income allows you to document from residuals and other sales not ran through the shopping cart on dBar POS. Knowing you make additional income we make it easy for you know add it to calculate your true profit. Cover all bases by using our features for correct documentation.

Hold your staff and managers accountable for hitting their goal individually and by location. Know who is truly valuable for your organization by seeing who consistent month over month. Goals start a work environment that promotes sales and competition because no one wants to be in last place has no job security.

Carriers are rewarding high customer retention Call Backs are a essential tool to stand out from your competitor by adding a personal touch. We remind you to call back a customers and document the transaction with notes and completions dates to on previos activations and quotes. Set a call script for higher results and do quality control on the call backs that where made.

Easily add customers email at the point check out to your email marketing list and increase marketing efforts completely FREE. Adding an email is conveniently accessible in different transaction points to create a work flow that is optimized for your needs. Send receipt emails for online sales and see how you can start attracting more customers with our email marketing module.

Text Marketing has the highest return on investment with instant delivery. Use dBar POS to engage current customer base at the lowest cost with the high open rate. With SMS, there is an incredibly high rate of subscriber action. Whatever your SMS is promotions there is more action taken compared to any other marketing or promotion strategies.

Our Reporting module includes all reports required to see what you are looking for. Look for invoices by DEC or IMEI, see when a phone was received and sold, view taxes to name a few reports. Access them from anywhere on multiple devices keeping you up to date with real time sales.

RMA "Return Manufacture Authorization" is when you send back product and expect to ge reimbursement. Product have never been easier to track from the day you submit the RMA to the day you get paid back. We want to make sure you have the tools you need to verify payment from your distributor.

Repairs are a part of the cell phone industry now more than ever and it is important to keep track of repair status, know profit of each transaction, and manage part inventory. Our mobile store point of sale offers the right features and invoicing process to make your repairs an organized and profitable work environment.

Layaway is more alive than ever! Our Layaway module offers the ability to make custom plans so you can make additional profit by utilizing the tools available to in dBar POS. Make plans that fit your work flow by the week, bi-weekly and monthly to help your customer buy a phone that they really want. dBar POS will remind you of the layaway product you have due every day to assure you have the inventory available.

Our Point of Sale allows you to buy used phones from your customers and automatically add them to your inventory with the cost of what you bought the phone for. Set automatic pricing based on the you bought the phone for, track inventory by DEC / IMEI to have device management easily. It has never been easier to buy, tack devices, and make money in a wireless point of sale till dBar POS came along.

Set Instant Rebates on accessories, phones and all product easily. Track payment loyalty programs and more and offer store credit when your customers make the right amount of payments. Promotions can be set for a set of time and expire automatically so you don't have to worry about your staff discounting when the promotion is no longer available.