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We Understand Mobile Store Owners

dBar Point of Sale was created to find a true solution to cell phone store owners needs. We understand how a mobile store runs because we have over 15 years of experience and previously owned and operated locations. Our Invoicing process flows to make Upgrades, Activation's, and Payments easy to understand and complete all within dBar POS platform.


Making sure commissions get paid has never been as easy to track. Never let a payment on a spiff fall through the cracks again with our simple and efficient Commissions Feature. Dealers import commission report to verify payment fast.


With margins slimmer than ever keeping track of your inventory is crucial for the health of your business. Always know what you need to order, perform easy audits, and minimize loss with dBar POS.

Text Message

Text Marketing that promotes your business in high efficiency. Sending a Text with your new promotions has the highest viewing rate, shortest time of delivery, with less effort. Work smarter not harder!

Workflow Optimization

We know that you may have to jump to several websites to get one task done. We also know that when you have a new employee jumping around from page to page can be confusing. This is why we have crated a workflow that follows a real sale scenario in the store for high efficiency. Open all needed websites at the right time all in one place.

Exclusive BR/PBR Functionalities

We can help you with Commission Tracking, Payment Tracking, Automatically Add New Phones, Setting Up Phones Promotion Spiffs, Commissions Based On Tiers, Using Portal within dBar POS, and much more!

Pre-Paid is Different

Why use a software made for a different business model when dBar POS is made for you! Simple things like taking payment for an activation or upgrade before you activate a phone can save you a lot of time and money. Don't get stuck with an active line with airtime just because your customer couldn't clear the payment.

Web based POS System means Freedom!

dBar Wireless Point of Sale can be access with any device, with any operating system. Our IP security protects you from staff accessing outside your location, at the same time we are flexible enough for the administrator to access their Stores Portal and Administrator Portal from anywhere!

Customer & Sales Management

Track all customers and sales to have better control of past invoices and save time looking through paperwork. Your business is worth money because of you sales and customers. Have an exit strategy and get what your business is really worth by using a custom made Cell Phone Store Point of Sale Software that will show your numbers, because numbers don't lie!

Competitive Environment

Goals are a very important part of a sales environment and we know that. That is why dBar POS is a sales oriented Point of Sale because sales powers your business. Set Location and Staff Goals and keep them accountable on Activations, Upgrades, Accessories and Services. See what they currently have sold, what they are projecting and have them stay competitive by seeing where they stand compared to their work peers.

Customer Followup Accountability

Now that retaining customers is more important then ever following up with costumers is key. With dBar POS you will be prompt to call back your customer and help them with anything they might need to increase customers experience and loyalty. Be extraordinary and take initiative to create long lasting customers and success!

Lets Talk Wireless

We are here to help you with your Mobile Store. Everyting from Commissions, Training, Goal Tracking, Inventory and much more!

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